How it works

Food trends, products and the needs of restaurants constantly change through consumer preferences, innovation, and exciting new food products. PopUp Promotions works as a simple solution in the complex world of the foodservice industry to bring new flavors and ideas to restaurants.

The PopUp Promotions process

PopUp Promotions simplifies the process of introducing new food items to the menus of independent restaurants and coffee shops. Through our Pioneer program, we connect the companies that make food products (manufacturers) and companies that fulfill orders (distributors) directly with local restaurant owners. As a PopUp Promotions brand ambassador, you provide restaurants with a variety of innovative and complimentary food products, not only making the process more efficient, but changing America’s eating habits by bringing food trends to local communities.

PopUp Promotions creates bundles of food products

By working directly with manufacturers and distributors, we create unique collections of food products.

PopUp Pioneers promote bundles to restaurant owners

You act as a brand ambassador, introducing restaurant owners to products they may not be familiar with.

Restaurant owners order food products from distributors

Restaurants order the food products they need from the distributors and use them to make all the items on their ever-changing menus.